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Our activities, services, qualities and expertise are broad and mostly connected to various workfields. But they are all within the nine vital area’s for growing economies that we identified. Human Capital. Growing econmies often lack qualified  personel and knowhow to physical rebuild the economy. We  can recruit your temporarily or permanent staff. We can  support with interim management, HR Services and  Financial Support Services for all your projects. >>>  Security. In vulnarable areas security is mostly poor. We can provide in security expertise to engineer and provide in a save and secure environment. Weither you want a full security management system or close protection officers for certain projects. >>> Vital Infrastructure. In our target area’s vital infrastructure can be destroyed or never built. We can engineer and built it for you. You can think of roads, hospitals, bridges, sewer system, irrigation projects, harbours, container terminals, logistic distribution facilities, schools >>> Medical Welfare. Our medical services are divers. We can fully furnish a hospital, we can engineer a supplychain of medications, or deliver specific medical equipment for permanent medical facilities or emergency puprposes. >>> Technoligy. ULTEAM can support to smaller the technologic gap for growing economies. We limit ourselves to technoligy services and products that innovate and contribute to the improvement of personal well-being of people. IT & Communication systems. In a modern economy IT and Telecom infrastructure are part of the vital infrastructure of a country. We mention this field seperate because its content is so specialized and mostly unsperatable of other vital area’s Water , Hygiene and Sanitation. This vital area creates the bases for a normal excistence. The world population will grow to nine billion people soon and clean drinkwater will become a major issue for our planet. Nurishment. Daily meals of adequate quality will be one of the main challenges for mankind. Will there be enough space on our planet to grow and bread enough foor for our childeren and our selves. Training & Education. We provide in various training and education programs to meet the requirements in the development of above mentioned vital area’s. We also have the capacity to develop tailor-made education programs that suit your needs.
2013 Zimbabwe Public Service Award What we do