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After much research they developed a solar-powered water purification system in her  backyard that its ultimately a reward of $ 25,000 yielded by The Discovery Education 3M  Young Scientist Challenge . She participated when she was only in the first year and won the  first prize in the contest. Have to PhD papers , after three months during her vacation spent  consulting with her ​​mentor and 3M testing her inventions with contaminated water from the  Nashua Wastewater Treatment Plant , Deepika Kurup came with a system that can purify  water with harmful bacteria . Easy and cheap Its process consists of exposing the titanium  oxide and zinc oxide to sunlight, which is a chemical reaction in motion, which leads to  hydroxyl radicals and superoxides . These compounds may convert organic matter into water  and carbon dioxide.  After counting the amounts of coliform bacteria before and after applying its system with 3M Petrifilm Films, she found that her system had reduced to 50 the number of coliforms and E. of 8000 coli of 1,000 to no more than a few , in less than 8 hours. In one hour she managed also to break down and oxidize methane blue than most current processes it faster. In contrast to most of the purification methods which make use of UV lamps which require  electricity , dirty chemicals , or expensive filtration systems , costing the invention , which also  contains cement and 3M Glass Bubbles, a half cents per gram. Applied by a photocatalytic  film reflector rod and she was able to achieve with a huge efficiency and consistency . This  amazing result Kurup is now in the third year of high school and hopes to be able to ask and a  non-profit organization set up to spread . Their invention a patent for its system She has a  passion for science and wants to become neurologist later .  Source: HappyNews.nl Publication Date : 18-2-2013
Teenager invents After being in India, the 14 year  old Deepika Kurup from Nashua ,  New Hampshire, when she saw  children drinking from a puddle  of stagnant water, got inspired to  help in developing a solution for  the water shortage in  developing  countries. They found a water  purification system at very low  cost water purification .   

Teenager invents